From Roswell to Robots

From Roswell to Robots

Independence Day, our annual festival of American freedom, is here again. But down in southern New Mexico, the Fourth of July comes around another celebration of an entirely different sort. For this weekend, the good citizens of Roswell are holding their grand UFO...

Stuck in the Slow Lane

Interesting new statistics from the Census Bureau concerning individual computer and Internet use in the US came out this week. Depressingly, they confirm that the Land of Enchantment is once again near the bottom. However, another study points out that the whole...

Save on Computers and Gear This Tax-Free Holiday Weekend

If you’re a New Mexican in need of a new computer or accessories, this might be the best weekend of the year to buy them. The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department has proclaimed a state gross receipts tax holiday this weekend, August 3-5, that’s from midnight Thursday to midnight Sunday, on a wide range of school supplies, both traditional and modern. These include everything from shoes to pencils – including computers and gear.