Internet Access

Southwest Cyberport provides a variety of means for New Mexicans to access the Internet, with the best connections at the lowest cost. We furnish DSL partnering with CenturyLink, and our own dedicated broadband services as well. We also provide dedicated connections for apartment and office complexes, too.

Along with this wide variety of broadband choices, we also provide old-fashioned dial-up as the least expensive or emergency means of accessing email as well.

Types of Internet Access Provided by SWCP

Broadband Services

SWCP LightSpeed (fiber DSL) with download speeds up to 940Mb available for home or business.

SWCP Direct Wireless point-to-point dedicated service. NOTE: Trees, signs, and buildings may significantly interfere with radio signals, so a site survey is generally necessary. SWCP Direct is offered in Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and Metro Albuquerque (sorry, East Mountain dwellers!).

Frame Relay, from T1 up to DS3.

Access for Building Complexes

Multi-tenant connections – We bring a single fat pipe to your office complex and route it to individual suites – call for more information or a quote.

High-speed fiber connections for buildings on-net with CenturyLink or Time Warner – call for more information or a quote.

Dial-up Connections

Dial-up, in three tiers for Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos with Roaming options for broadband users and web-publishers.