Prequal for SWCP LightSpeed or Wireless

Why prequalify?

Wonder what broadband services you can get at your home or business? The only way to find out is to prequalify: to look up your address or phone number in a database to see what speeds can be obtained at your location.

Broadband speeds and availability are determined by several factors:
1) Whether the area has been supplied with fiber-optic connections,
2) The distance the user’s building is from the local Central Office.

The second is a fact of geography and will not change. But the first might, for the metro area is gradually being outfitted with fiber-optic cables; however, progress is spotty and which area will be furnished at what time is impossible for us to predict. Check back occasionally if the search is at first disappointing, for the results might change.

One way to tell if the neighborhood has been upgraded to fiber is if your CenturyLink broadband speed slows drastically, or becomes erratic. Once that happens, your options are to either upgrade your own connection to CenturyLink’s premium speeds, go to cable – or switch to SWCP LightSpeed.

How to prequalify

Fill out the form below to let SWCP do the checking for you. This query does not obligate you in any way. We do not use the information you give below for any purpose other than to request Loop Qualification information from our DSL partners.

All SWCP LightSpeed circuits are Stand-alone, they don’t use the same landline as your telephone.