Dial-up Accounts

SWCP still offers good old-fashioned dial-up access along with other forms of Internet access. While often considered too slow for many modern webpages, video streaming, and so on, dial-up is still the most inexpensive means of connecting with the Internet and quite adequate for email and text-based applications. If needed, broadband account holders may access it at $1 per hour.

Plan Price Hours Overage Price per hour
Casual $12 / month 24 hours $.50 / hour over 24
Medium $18 / month 60 hours $.30 / hour over 60
Deluxe $25 / month 125 hours $.20 / hour over 125
Remote Access $5 / month No hours $1.00 / hour
Web Hosting*  No hours  $1.00 / hour
T1 or Wireless* No hours  $.20 / hour
Dedicated $110/ month Full time Static IP is included
 * These items are listed here to let you know dialup is available with all our products, and what the pricing is for non-dialup account plans. This may be useful with our roaming services.