Dedicated High-Speed Internet Service

SWCP offers business-class Internet access with high throughput and high availability through a variety of access methods.  A dedicated connection can use T1, bonded T1s, ATM, point-to-point wireless, or fiber-optic Ethernet, depending on what is available at your location.  This service is appropriate for heavily accessed Internet servers, such as FTP or Web, or for providing high throughput for a large group or demanding usage.

If your business has high uptime requirements, this service is for you.  Unlike DSL and cable services, which typically have 24-72 hour repair windows, a dedicated access circuit is understood to be mission-critical.  SWCP monitors dedicated circuits 24×7 and will dispatch a technician to diagnose and repair problems within 30 minutes (ususally faster).

SWCP has wholesale agreements with multiple telephone companies in New Mexico, so we can offer fiber optic ethernet connections at all speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.  Unlike “fiber DSL” connections where fiber goes to a box in your neighborhood, and then a copper line connects to your location, fiber ethernet connetions require a
fiber optic connection directly to your building.  This direct connection is not available everywhere, but when it is you get the ultimate in high speed connectivity with essentially unlimited upgrade potential.

Call or email us today to see if this service is available at your location!  505-232-7992 or