We have several screencasts to help you get started with Spam and E-mail filters and our Web Access Control tool.

Spam and E-mail Filters

Screencast Size(MBs) Description
Spam Assassin screencast
16.82 This screencast deals with Spam Assassin, and how to activate, adjust, and check for email that it has captured as spam erroneously (false positives).
 Spamprobe screencast    25.59  This screencast teaches how to activate and train Spamprobe, including tweaking the training if Spamprobe makes mistakes.
 Blacklist an E-Mail Address (Quick and Easy)    5.29 Includes the just most basic way to block an e-mail address.
Whitelist an E-mail Address (Quick and Easy)    5.75  A simple way to be certain e-mails from a certain address gets through.
 Auto-Reply Tool (“Vacation” message)    18.03  Set up an auto-reply to incoming messages.
 Blacklist, Whitelist, Keyword Filtering, and Forwarding (Advanced)    26.38 This advanced screencast covers how to forward your e-mail, and how to use the whitelist, blacklist, and keyword filtering tools, including using forwarding in conjunction with filter rules.

Web Access Control Tool

Screencast Size(MBs) Description
Web Access Control – Basic  14  Covers basic password-protection of a web-directory, using just the “Users” and “Directories” options. Quick & easy!
Web Access Control – Groups  16.13  Covers the information in the Basic Web Directory Access Control screencast, but this also covers the “Groups” option.