Colocated Servers

server-90389_1280If you need reliable high-speed Internet access with guaranteed power, but don’t want to be saddled with the expense of T1 or T3 connectivity and a temperature-controlled machine room with redundant power, Colocation is for you. SWCP provides high speed connections, monitors networks and servers 24/7, in a secure, controlled environment.

Colocate a server in SWCP’s Albuquerque Data Center to gain access to our redundant high speed network, our backup power generator, and our locked and monitored facilities. System administration is available, from occasional reboots to installing all software and patches and any level between. We are Unix, Linux, and BSD specialists.


There is a one-time installation fee for Colocation service, and a monthly service fee. The base monthly charge for Colocation service includes a bandwidth allocation, with charges for transfer above that amount. For billing purposes SWCP will use either incoming or outgoing number of bytes transferred, whichever is greater. A “GB” is one Gigabyte, 1024^3 bytes. The base charge includes electricity and cooling (including backup power provided by both UPS and generator) for a 1U or 2U server.

Colocation Installation: $200 one-time
Colocation Monthly Charges


Base Collocation $200 / month
Includes: 2U server space, electricity and cooling, up to 100 GB/mo transfer
Server Monitoring and Notification Included
Extra Data Transfer $2.50 / GB / month
Extra Rack Space $30 / Rack Unit / month
Extra Ethernet Connection $30 / connection / month
Data Backup Service See SWCP BUS
System Administration $75 / hr

Data Backup Service

Colocated servers can use the SWCP BUS to back up critical server data reliably and securely.  Colo customers get a discounted rate on BUS service.  Backups are done to SWCP’s BUS server in the same data center, with automatic replication to an off-site backup in a different data center.  Backups are encrypted for privacy and restores can be done at any time by the customer.


  1. The customer’s equipment will reside at SWCP’s offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This Agreement is for one computer system and associated peripherals. The computer will be attached to SWCP’s network via one port of a 100Mb ethernet switch.
  2. Customer must provide insurance for their equipment. SWCP’s office is protected by a monitored alarm system, however SWCP bears no responsibility for losses due to theft, fire, or other damage.
  3. Access to Customer equipment is provided during SWCP’s regular business hours of 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday – Friday and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. Access during nighttime or holiday hours can be arranged by appointment or by emergency pager.
  4. If desired, SWCP will provide monitoring services for Customer’s equipment via the PING, HTTP, and/or SMTP protocols. If an error condition arises, customer may choose to be paged directly to their alpha-numeric pager, or have SWCP personnel be paged to call Customer.
  5. The Collocation Agreement does not include system administration services. At Customer’s request, an SWCP employee can reboot Customer’s system. Unix or other system administration services are available at SWCP’s standard consulting rates.
  6. 1 IP address will be provided per Customer machine. Additional IP subnets can be routed to the Customer machine for a nominal fee.


If you have any further question about server colocation, would like to tour the facility, or receive a colocation customer contract, please email or call us at (505)232-7992.