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Keep all your documents safe and readily accessible in SWCP’s cloud.

SWCP BUS, our online Back-Up System, offers unmatched security from all kinds of disasters that can destroy your precious files from physical catastrophes like fires and floods to loss due to computer theft, failure, or even simple mistakes. Moreover, your files remain yours: you alone own the key, plus the BUS also supports encryption.

And the BUS makes transferring files to a new system a breeze.

The software is easy to install and use. Just set it, forget it, and sleep better.


  • Automatic: Back-ups can be scheduled for every night, or whatever times you wish.
  • Confirmation: Email reports on success or problems with back-ups.
  • Redundant off-site security: Data is preserved on storage servers located in two physically distant, secured data centers.
  • Supports encryption: Data can only be accessed by your unique key.
  • Works with all computers: Windows, Macintosh, and Linux; PCs, laptops, even servers.
  • Targeted back-ups: Just those files and folders you specify.
  • Fast and efficient: Compresses files, and uses your own broadband connection during slack periods you determine.
  • Graduated back-ups: Only new or changed data is read and backed up.
  • Deleted file retention: Files you have tossed out are kept for a period you specify “just in case”.
  • Optional seed-loading and recovery: Makes initial uploading or downloading of large data sets faster and easier via portable hard drive.
  • Easy file recovery: Downloads to any system with the BUS Restore software.
  • Free data recovery: No extra fees for downloading your data.
  • Tiered service: Available for individual computers, or entire office networks.
  • Supports Multiple Destinations: Data can be backed up to local storage (external drive, etc.) in addition to our back-up server
  • Broadband discount: Offered to SWCP customers using LightSpeed DSL or SWCP Direct via SWCP.

Online backups start at $10/month.

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