Backup Server Options

File Restores

Online Restores

No charges, no set limit. Users can restore files through the client software, or from another computer using the “restore-only” client software.

Get Started Quickly

Seed Loads

  • A “Seed Load” lets you back up your files to a USB hard drive, then send us the drive to load the data on the server. We send you a USB hard drive, you do the initial backup to the drive, then send it back to us. This is recommended for getting started if your backup set is larger than 10-15 GB.
    • One FREE seed load offered per account (not including shipping charges, if applicable).
    • $35 each for additional seed loads, plus shipping.
    • Shipping waived if customer picks up/drops off disk or computer.
    • Customer will be charged $150 for the hard drive if it is not returned within 2 weeks.
    • Customer may bring computer to SWCP’s office and we will perform the seed load here. Turnaround time: 24 hours.
Seed Restores

Seed Restore

  •  Just like a seed load, but in reverse. If your computer fails and your backup set is very large, we can copy your files to a hard drive and mail it to you.
  •  One FREE seed restore per account (not including shipping charges, if applicable).
  • Pricing and conditions same as above for seed loads.
On-site Setup

Onsite Setup

  •  An SWCP technician can come to your office to install and configure the backup software on your computers, as well as perform the initial backup.
    •  $90 for one computer
    • $75/each for additional computers
    • Includes Seed Load for each computer if desired