SSL Certificates

SWCP offers a variety of SSL certificates for every need.  Popular uses for SSL certificates include:

  • E-commerce Web Site Protection
  • VPN Servers
  • Corporate Email Gateways
  • Protecting web site login credentials

We partner with OpenSRS and Geotrust to issue rock-solid certificates very quickly.  The certificates all provide 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit keys.  They all have 99%+ browser compatibility (including mobile browsers for iPhone and other smartphones).

Depending on your application, you may have different certificate needs.  The most common use is for a web site which is doing ecommerce or used to collect and access other sensitive private information.  A QuickSSL Premium certificate is just the thing for that. Includes a dynamic Site Seal so your users can confirm your certificate’s validity.

If you need a certificate for a corporate VPN or Email gateway, QuickSSL certificates are cost-effective and do the job perfectly.  Site Seals are not useful for these applications so you can save a little by using this certificate type.

If you need to give your web site users the extra assurance that your identity has been confirmed by a more intensive verification process, an Extended Validation (EV) certificate is for you.  Banks, Credit Unions, and anyone who needs to assure their users of their identity, in addition to providing secure communications.

Renewal Tracking: All SWCP SSL Certificates are monitored by our renewal tracking system.  This ensures that your certificate never expires by mistake.  Some providers send a few emails and hope they get to the right person.  We know that’s not good enough.  If we don’t get a reply to our renewal emails, we will contact you by other means to make sure you are aware of the renewal that is coming up.  It’s embarrassing if your users see a “certificate expired” message on your web site.  Let us take that worry off your hands!

 Certificate Type  Issuance Time Site Seal 1yr 2yr 3yr Common Use Green Address Bar
 QuickSSL  2-4 Hours  Static
 $95  $180  $260  VPN servers, Company intranets  No
 QuickSSL Premium  2-4 Hours  Dynamic
 $129  $239  $349 Credit card transactions  No
 TrueBusiness ID  1-2 Days  Dynamic w/Company Namessl_seal_ev.gif  $200  $340  $420 More rigorous verification of domain and company.  No
 Extended Validation  7-10 Days  Dynamic w/Company Namessl_seal_ev.gif  $295  $545  n/a Banks and other financial organizations  Yes
 Wildcard  1-2 Days  Dynamic w/Company Namessl_seal_wild.gif  $500  $980  $1450 Multiple machines within a domain.  No