Computer Tune-ups and Virus Scans

Southwest Cyberport is pleased to offer a growing array of services for Windows and Mac PCs and laptops. These are designed to fix common hardware and software problems and remove viruses, spyware, and malware as well as enhancing performance. Below are some of the available services.

SWCP customers, ask us about free basic virus/spyware cleanups and other free services.

Service Price
Includes: determining problem, estimating cost.
$25 — Will be applied toward other fees if work is done.
Tune Up
Includes: Basic Virus/Spyware Cleanup, Physical Cleaning, OS Updating, Free Software installation (if needed), Disk cleanp/defragmentation, and clearing out temporary Internet files.
Interior Physical Cleaning
Includes: Opening the case, blowing out dust, visually inspecting the fans and motherboard.** Does not include cleaning the outside of the case.
Parts Installation
Includes: Acquiring the part (optional) and physical installation, include software drivers.Examples: video, ethernet, and WiFi cards.
$20 +cost of parts
OS System Repair or Reinstall
Includes: Repairing or reinstalling an Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, etc) Customer MUST bring their own OS install/repair disks and have a valid license key.
Program Installation
Includes: Installing software, basic configuring as needed. Customer MUST bring their own disks and have a valid license key for non-free software.
$25per program
Data Copying
Includes one or more: Transferring data from one computer to another, backing up data from one computer to other media; cloning one customer disk to another.
$60/hour(bench time*)

*Bench Time: time when a technician is actively working on the computer. Time when a virus scan is being run or data is being copied does NOT count in bench time.

Other services may be offered at $60/hour of “bench time”.