Why do you need online backups?

What is it and why should I want it?

  • The SWCP BUS Online Backup Service automatically backs up all of your important files: documents, pictures, music, CAD drawings, email, etc.
  • Easy-to-use software included with the service
  • Backup client works with all major operating systems: Windows, Macintosh, and Linux
  • Two different service levels offered: individual computer or entire office network
  • Protects your data against crashes, data corruption, device or data theft, viruses and ransomware demands, your own mistaken deletions, as well as fire, flood, power outages and other natural disasters
  • SWCP BUS supports encryption: your data can only be accessed by someone with your unique key
  • Support for multi-level backup: SWCP saves your data on redundant storage servers located in two different physically separate data centers
  • Backup is incremental to save time and space: only new materials and changes are included in each update
  • Cheaper and more reliable than tape backups
  • Backs up automatically on your schedule over your own broadband connection: Set it up and forget about it
  • Automated email reports confirm that backups are running
  • Easy file recovery from any computer with a web browser, and makes transferring files to a new system easy
  • Seed-loading offered for initial massive data sets
  • Generous discounts offered for SWCP broadband users, or paying in advance
  • Find more reasons why it works better than other means: SWCP Backup Service Whitepaper and 15 Reasons to use SWCP BUS in the New Year

For a list of all its features and prices, check our SWCP BUS Prices page. Sign up today and never lose sleep over a lost file again.