If you’re a New Mexican in need of a new computer or accessories, this might be the best weekend of the year to buy them. The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department has proclaimed a state gross receipts tax holiday this weekend, August 3-5, that’s from midnight Thursday to midnight Sunday, on a wide range of school supplies, both traditional and modern. These include everything from shoes to pencils – including computers and gear.

Not everything in each category is covered. For each single unit item, the limits are :

  • $1,000 for computers: desktops, laptops, and tablets. Note that e-readers with other functions (basically tablet computers) are included,but  e-readers without these functions, like a Kindle Touch, are excluded.
  • $500 for related computer hardware. Note: recorded media, scanners, video cameras, software, and joysticks are not included, and are taxable.
  • $100 for clothing and shoes. There’s a lot of variation in what’s included and what’s not here: athletic socks, for example, are on the list while athletic gloves, jock straps, pads and equipment, even sports uniforms (though other kinds of uniforms are okay) are not. The inclusion of diapers and wedding gowns along with the exclusion of briefcases may say something about the way society has changed in recent years.
  • $30 for general supplies. Pretty much what one would expect with all traditional items included and all digital devices, such as CD players, both still and video cameras, excluded – except, it should be noted, for flash and ZIP drives.

For a complete list in PDF format (which makes it easy to print and take with you), go here: NM Tax Holiday’s Taxable and Non-Taxable Items. Remember, even if you’re not in school, you can still benefit from this once-a-year event. And as many merchants absorb the taxes of some non-qualifying items to get you into the store, there’s a good chance of further savings.

Watch out for the crowds and happy shopping!