WordPress Monitoring and Update Service

The modern web demands a sophisticated web site, one that can only be implemented by an advanced content management system such as WordPress.  WordPress has the power to realize any web function, and can deliver it with “responsive” themes that look great on desktop and mobile browsers.

The dark side of all this power is that the software must be kept up-to-date.  Evil people and bots are scouring the internet 24×7 to find sites with security holes which they can leverage to their own dark purpose.  If you installed a web site 6 months ago and have not updated it, you can bet there are a couple of weaknesses that have been discovered in that time, and now your site may be vulnerable to abuse.

WordPress makes updates relatively easy (much easier than other systems of similar capability).  But still updates can occasionally go wrong.  Sometimes a theme update might throw off page alignment, or updating one plugin might cause it to suddenly interact badly with another plugin.  Also, who has time to check for updates every week and apply them?

Southwest Cyberport’s WordPress Monitoring and Update Service is the solution. For a low monthly fee we keep your site up-to-date, apply patches as they become available, and will “un-hack” your site for free if it ever needs it!

The service is $16/mo and includes:

  • An initial checkup to bring your site current.
  • Daily check for updates to WordPress Core, Plugins, and Theme.
  • Make a site backup, apply any updates, notify site owner.
  • If an update causes issues, we revert the site to its previous state.  We will work with your web designer as needed to help them resolve update issues.
  • We monitor announcements of new security problems in plugins and
    will preemptively update your site, or make changes needed to mitigate the exposure of a bug prior to an update becoming available.
  • We will monitor the site for suspicious activity, such as addition of new
    administrative users or unexpected changes to PHP files.
  • If your site is ever hacked, we will “un-hack” it at no charge. This
    includes restoring files from backups, identifying the exploit that was used to compromise the site, and patching the site to keep it from being re-compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this service only available for sites hosted at SWCP?
A: Yes.  At this time we are not offering this service for sites hosted elsewhere.

Q: Will you re-design my site? Change the theme?  Adjust the colors? Migrate us to a new e-commerce plugin?
A: No.  We are nuts-and-bolts folks here.  We concentrate on keeping your site running with the latest software versions and safe from attackers. You really want a designer to design your site.  If a plugin update will require massive changes to your site (occasionally this can be an issue with e-commerce plugins) that is outside the scope of this service.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Email help@swcp.com and ask to have the service added to your web site.