WordPress Tune-ups

WordPress is a wonderful site-building and blogging platform, but most users are too busy creating exciting content and search engine optimization to make sure it’s totally up-to-date. Yet a concerted movement to mandate page encryption is changing how pages are accessed all across the web . These changes need to be implemented by site-owners, and soon. See the May 2018 Portal for more information.

Sites need to use the HTTPS protocol (where the “S” stands for Secure) rather than the standard old HTTP protocol. Three years ago, Google began to enforce the issue. But in July 2018, their Chrome browser began to label any site still using HTTP as “Not Secure“. The change in appearance in the location bar can be seen here:


The difference between HTTP and HTTPS pages in Chrome

Not only does HTTPS help protect credit card and account numbers and other vital personal information in transit, but will prevent malware being injected into the page by someone with their own router in between the user and the web. But in the past, installing this encryption package was expensive and tricky.

SWCP has enhanced our web-publishing platform to support this change. We can now upgrade sites to HTTPS more easily than ever before and help site-owners deal with any problems. Plus we have low-cost certificates necessary to use HTTPS.

For a limited time we are offering WordPress site security tune-ups for only $99. This upgrade includes updates to other important aspects of the site hosting as well:

  • Register a new SSL certificate for your domain name
  • Convert the site to use HTTPS URLs
  • Upgrade hosting to current versions of PHP and MySQL
  • Update WordPress core to latest release
  • Update plugins and themes to latest versions

In some rare cases, a site will need more work than this tune-up can accomplish.  For example if the site relies on a plugin with compatibility problems which is no longer supported and can’t be updated.  In such cases we will consult with you at no charge to determine the best way forward.

To order, email SWCP Tech Support or call the Help Desk at 505-232-7992.