WordPress is a great tool for website creation and blogging, but sometimes you need a little more control over the conversations you have with your readers and/or customers. MailChimp is a great tool to announce things to your readers. It can also give you a lot of information about how you’re reaching them, i.e. how many open the email, how many click on links in your email, etc. If you have WordPress site with members, or an active community having discussions it’s nice to be able to reach those folks when a special event is happening.

There’s a nice WordPress plugin, MailChimp for WordPress,  that allows you to collect email addresses to add to a MailChimp list. This will let you to set up some nice automation to welcome a new reader, or let your community know when there are new posts to read.

There are a couple of articles on my personal blog that talk about setting up MailChimp and WordPress integrations in more detail, WordPress and MailChimp and MailChimp Campaigns.

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