WordCamp is an informal, community-organized event that is put together by
WordPress users of all levels. Everyone from casual users to core developers
participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. More info.

Panels at WC 2013: (Saturday 9am-5pm)

  • Clean eCommerce Solutions for the Responsive Web
  • You Too Can Write a Plugin
  • Strategy for Traffic Building for Beginning Bloggers
  • WordPress and Mapping
  • There’s a Filter for That
  • Blast Off Your Blog with Social Media!
  • Making the Leap from Designer to Designer/Developer
  • Anatomy of a VIP Code Review
  • Online Newsletters: Benefits and Challenges
  • DNS and Website Migration
  • Avoiding Scope Creep by Writing a Proper Statement of Work
  • SEO for WordPress Sites:  How To Find and Implement a Sweet Strategy for Getting Noticed
  • Choose and Modify a Theme with the End User in Mind
  • Anatomy of a WordPress Hack
  • Organizing the WordPress Backoffice: Eight Plugins that Help!
  • Think Before You Install – A Call to Action
  • Hacked! How they hack it and how you clean it
  • Integrating Online Communications with WordPress

Other Events

  • WordPress Hackathon (Friday night)
  • Absolute Beginner’s Intro to WordPress (Sat morning)
  • WordPress for Kids (Sunday morning)
  • WordPress Hackathon Wrapup/Presentation (Sunday morning)