Why choose SWCP for your web host?

Stable, Trusted Web Servers

It’s not an accident that Apache running on Linux servers is the most popular platform for web hosting. This combination of Open Source software is flexible, more easily maintained, and secure. With thousands of eyes on the source code, errors and security vulnerabilities are found quickly and openly discussed and fixed.

Webfarm Technology

SWCP has built a redundant environment for web hosting. Our webfarm is a cluster of machines fronted by layer 4 load balancers. This may seem like overkill, but we want to make sure your web pages are always available, AND we want to be able to pull a machine out of service and apply upgrades and/or security patches quickly without affecting our customers. Some web hosting companies call this their “Cloud Computing” products and charge more for them. Redundancy and security is important to us even for the smallest web hosting account.

Generator Backup

During this winter’s high winds we’ve once again discovered why having a backup generator that can be refueled while running is an important part of a full service hosting provider’s tools. We’ve seen power blackouts in our area several times this month, but no interruption in our hosting services.

Enhanced Disk Space

Here’s why SWCP disk space is more valuable than some cheaper hosting solutions.

  1. Snapshots – these are multiple layers of backups that are quickly available for file restoration. They range from an hour old to a couple of weeks old.
  2. RAID file systems – In a RAID system your data is spread out over several disks including parity information allowing a single disk to go bad without losing data.
  3. Backups – local full file system backups (and incremental changes) are done weekly.
  4. Secure Offsite Backups – In addition we cycle our local backups out to a secure, offsite facility.

We take your website data seriously.

PCI Compliance

PCI is a buzz word you hear a lot. Some web hosting companies will list it on their sets of features as if it were something you can check off a list like “supports SSL”. PCI compliance is an ever changing target. The war against computer hackers, malicious malware, viruses, and worms is on-going and you must pay attention to not just today’s best practices, but what’s being discovered and patched day to day.

We help our customers make sure they’re running on secure platforms, with up to date software  and with best practices in place. When you’re scanned by an external AVS to ensure your website is safe for handling financial information we’ll help you out if there are any issues that arise from those scans. We work with the security scanners on your behalf to ensure you’re safe and compliant.

30 Day Money back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with our web products or cloud services we’ll refund your money no questions asked in the first 30 days.