Search engine optimization is often a black art. The exact algorithms Google and other search engines use to rank one site higher than another in search results are both proprietary secrets and constantly being refined. What we do know is the more legitimate links to your website from outside sources the better your rank. Also, fresh information is valued above content that never changes. Your content should be valid useful articles, and not look like a list of keywords or search terms. In other words you shouldn’t try and game the system, as the search engines attempt to detect that behavior and will penalize you for it.

SWCP has several directories where you can get legitimate links your your web pages. The Epromenade is a category based directory, and it feeds our business, non-profit, and personal directories. If you’re an SWCP customer you get a free listing in several categories, and in either the business, non-profit or personal directories. We recently added a new feature, you can have an individual “map” page with a Google map showing your location,  address, website pointer,  logo and a longer description about your company. To get a listing login to our members only area and fill out the “Request an Epromenade listing” form.

Here’s an example of a “map” page listing for SWCP.