One of the great challenges of the modern world is keeping your data safe and being able to find it when you need it. Online backups have helped my peace of mind in knowing that my laptops and workstation are being backed up. Since I’m using encryption I know they’re secure in two different locations. However, as nice as that is, I almost shot myself in the foot by not remembering my encryption password. I’m glad I was persuaded to try restoring some files, just as a test. This caused me to realize that I’d used a different password for one of the laptops. Fortunately this was set up only a few months ago and I actually remembered the password after liberal applications of the palm of my hand to my forehead.

I’ve now discovered the web-based restore process is an easy way to share files from work and home without leaving open any path for hackers to try and grab my files. So, my recommendation to all of you out there using online backups, please test a file restore. It will make you more comfortable with the restore process when you’re actually in a high pressure situation of having lost important files.