New Mexico, for all its fame for ancient Indian cultures and rich Spanish tradition, is also a magnet for people who look not to the past but the future. After all, Robert Oppenheimer and Robert Goddard both lived and worked in our state, and the development of the atomic bomb and pioneering rocketry put our state on the map long before that infamous crash occurred at Roswell. (Who knows? It was probably that kind of science which drew them here, too – that, or the green chile.)

It should come as no surprise then, that this proud technological heritage has been reflected in science fiction. The late Jack Williamson, a professor of English at ENMU, wrote novels where Albuquerque is the capital of the solar system because of all the cutting-edge technology being developed here. He was not alone, either. Robert Silverberg, Frederic Brown, and others also wrote stories in that vein. It made sense at the time, and once flights start taking off from Spaceport America, it might again.

A lot of very smart and talented writers have been drawn to the Land of Enchantment, and being so bright, a fair number of them have elected to use Southwest Cyberport. Perhaps it was because for years our Director of Technical Support was none other than Daniel Abraham, who with Ty Frank, writing together under the pen name James S. A. Corey, have recently sold their The Expanse series to the SyFy Channel coming in Fall 2015, something we’re very much looking forward to seeing. Congratulations!

Other writers who are or have been members include Victor Milan, Pati Nagle, Melinda Snodgrass, and Walter Jon Williams. SWCP’s commitment to SF and expanding potentials extends beyond staid email and web-hosting, too. We’ve even published exciting short works at our SnackReads site, including steampunk stories by Daniel Abraham (under his own name), plus other creatively-daring works by Suzy McKee Charnas, Jane Lindskold, Fred Saberhagen, (as well as one Jane and Fred co-authored), and Ian Tregillis.

This weekend, August 1-3, many of these local luminaries and others from out of town, will gather for Albuquerque’s very own science fiction convention, Bubonicon, now in it’s 46th year. Tickets are still available at the door – and admission to the Art Show and Dealers Room are traditionally free – so drop by and meet some of the cool people who make those amazing dreams for us to share.

Best wishes to Bubonicon and all the pros and fans here this weekend! And apologies to any local writer left off the list. There are so many great and up-and-coming talents here that no doubt some have been missed.