Did you know that Southwest Cyberport is a full service web host?  We are here to take as much fear and uncertainty out of web hosting as we can.  SWCP offers a range of plans to fit different needs.  We answer the phone, if you have questions.  Or email, if you prefer.  We will not make you feel stupid, and we will help you.  That is our pledge.

I will be writing a series of posts about Southwest Cyberport’s web hosting plans: Starter, Basic, and Pro. These posts will explain the features of each plan, and what type of site is appropriate for each. If you are interested, you can also read about the technical details of SWCP’s web hosting infrastructure on our companion blog, SWCP’s Webdev Blog.

I will start with, you guessed it, Starter.

Starter Plan
Cost: $7/month
Features are 20 MB of storage, 1 GB of monthly transfer, and basic web statistics. VLW site builder available on request.

The Starter plan is appropriate for simple web sites. A typical Starter site has a small number of pages, and does not include any web applications, such as a blog or forum. For example, if you have a small business and want a simple site that describes your business, its location and your contact information, the Starter plan is for you. The Starter plan is also appropriate for a simple personal site, where you might display your resume, for example. Or an online invitation to that baby shower you are organizing.

You can create your Starter site with any web authoring software that builds standards compliant web pages. Alternatively, Southwest Cyberport provides an easy-to-use site builder you can use to build and edit your site, VLW. VLW is a web application custom designed by SWCP’s own Jamii Corley. It enables you to use your web browser to build your web site. Learning any tool takes a little time and effort, but VLW is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Once you have invested the time to learn it, you can quickly and easily design and update your SWCP hosted web site.

Give us a call today at 505-232-7992 to sign up for the Starter web hosting plan, or if you have questions about web hosting at SWCP.