Registration Agreement

SWCP Domain Registration Agreement

The full Domain Registration Agreement is available at the link below.  Here are some highlights of what you will find there:

  • Tucows/OpenSRS is Southwest Cyberport’s domain registration partner.
  • Each top-level domain (TLD, such as .com, .org, .doctor,, etc.) is governed by both ICANN and the registry which owns that TLD. The Registration Agreement includes by reference the policies and procedures and requirements of ICANN and all of the domain registries.
  • Some TLDs have specific conditions and documentation requirements.  For example, registrants of .law domains must provide “Qualified Lawyer” documentation.  The special requirements of each TLD are included in the Registration Agreement.
  • The Registration Agreement names Tucows/OpenSRS as the Designated Agent for your domain. This allows Tucows to automatically approve of Registrant changes on your behalf instead of requiring a back-and-forth email approval process for every registrant change.
  • You must agree to the Registration Agreement in order for SWCP to register or transfer a domain on your behalf.

The full Domain Registration Agreement is here: