Southwest Cyberport is proud of our customers. After all, they’re smart enough to use a friendly, local ISP with cutting-edge technology and good tech support, so they must know something. 😉

One of the ways we show it is by offering website owners and other customers free listings right here on this website, under the Directories menu heading. There’s our Eprom or “Electronic Promenade”, which functions like the storefronts of an online mall, displaying company logos and descriptions, a Business Directory listing sites alphabetically, and listings for those with personal webpages, too. These listings are not automatic – but all are free for members upon request.

Why bother? We’re committed to supporting local businesses, and we want to celebrate the surprisingly wide range of diverse talents and interesting and unusual offerings available right here in the heart of New Mexico. It’s an exclusive, convenient place to hang out your shingle for your neighbors, and it’s absolutely free.

All these directories have recently been updated; dead links removed, sites checked, and the descriptions freshened up. Your websites hosted here let the whole world know you exist; why not show off for your friends and neighbors? SWCP member website owners and those with your own pet projects are invited to sign up today, the more the merrier.