SWCP LightSpeed is a kind of broadband, that is, highspeed, Internet access. Most of these connections rely on a fiber-optic connection to your neighborhood, though some may use another form of DSL. In any case, this makes your LightSpeed connection much faster, more reliable, and easier to use than dial-up or even other DSL. LightSpeed is “always on” — ready for use whenever you are.

SWCP LightSpeed is a “standalone” broadband service only. It will require an unused (that is, without active voice service on it) but still serviceable phone line. If there is not one at hand, we may attempt to bring one to your building. Most homes and businesses are wired for multiple lines, so one is usually available.

With LightSpeed, you have a choice between a wide variety of speeds and prices for home and small businesses. For most of them, downloading speed is much faster than uploading speed, which works well for most usage patterns. Prequalification is first necessary to check what speeds are available to your address. It’s quick, easy, free and there’s no obligation, and you can do it yourself here.

Your LightSpeed Router

A DSL router containing a modem must be installed to link your computer to the Net. SWCP provides high speed  routers. Our standard model at this time is the Actiontec Q1000, although the specific model many vary depending on availability. The router has a hardware firewall, and with the router’s convenient Wi-fi capability,  you can effortlessly connect from any room around the house or office, with local wired networking for up to 4 devices.

Installing LightSpeed

Due to differences between customers, service requirements, and buildings, there are several kinds of installation set-ups possible. If any outside work is to be done, please remember to unlock gates and lock up the dogs inside at the scheduled time. The physical wiring installation cannot happen otherwise.

  • Self-Installed by Customer – Available only if existing, unused inside wiring is accessible.
  • Standard Installation – Technician-performed installation for a single device. Includes inside wiring to jack for one device.
  • Professional Network Tech Installation – Technician-performed installation for up to 8 devices. Wired connections to the modem must be in the same room and within 50 feet.

If a customer requests installation, the DSL router location must be within 50 feet of the telephone company demarcation point. If more than 50 feet of cable is required, or if the installation requires more than 2 hours, the customer agrees to pay reasonable additional time and material charges for a Non-Standard Installation. Non-Standard Installations are billed at SWCP’s normal consulting rate of $75/hr. plus materials.


Your LightSpeed link should give you fast connections without any problems. But if something does come up, call SWCP Technical Support at 505-232-7992.

One of our techs will walk you through checking your modem and connections. You will be asked about the lights on the modem, checking and reseating all the plugs, etc. and we will check on our end. If this does not resolve the issues, we will open a Trouble Ticket and do further inspection. Note: Please jot down the Trouble Ticket number the technician gives you – it will speed the process if you call in later. If necessary, a technician will be scheduled to be sent out to physically check the wiring.

Getting LightSpeed

Starting the process is easy. First, prequalify your address to see if LightSpeed is obtainable at your location. Then, click the links for prices and available speeds:  LightSpeed for Home, LightSpeed for Business. When you’re ready to order service, you can do so over the phone during office hours or sign up online at any time.

If LightSpeed is not available at your address, check our other DSL options for home or business. Lower speeds are often obtainable in areas where the fastest connections are impossible.

The Bottom Line: Billing Details

  1. Customers will get a single bill for their LightSpeed DSL circuit from SWCP. (There will not be additional charges from any other provider.)
  2. Early termination fee for a 12-month LightSpeed service contract is $100.
  3. Circuits will have USF tax applied in addition to NM sales tax.
  4. Both SWCP and customers have the right to cancel the account at any time, for any reason or no reason. SWCP will reimburse the customer for any unused portion of pre-paid monthly fees, minus any damages caused by customer,  provided LightSpeed service has been in use for more than twelve months. No refunds will be made for equipment purchased or installation charges.
  5. Cancellation by the customer will be effective 30 days after the day that SWCP receives notice in writing. For the customer’s protection, email notification shall not suffice.
  6. SWCP sends invoices for LightSpeed circuits and other services on approximately the 10th day of the month for service in that month, due by the end of that month. After that, unpaid balances are considered late. Any circuit 20 days past due may be disabled.
  7. If the circuit is disabled for non-payment, the charge to reactivate is $30. Reactivation requires payment of all past-due amounts plus the $30 reactivation fee.