On Saturday, May 5, SWCP has honored with a visit from a real live African king. Chitimukulu Sosala Kanyta Manga II, the 38th Paramount King (which is what “Chitimukulu” means) of the Bemba tribe of Zambia, took a brief tour of our facilities this morning.
In the picture above, he is the gentleman in the dark coat at far left listening intently to SWCP President Mark Costlow in the purple shirt explain how the server room works. His Majesty was in town talking to government, pueblo and university leaders, to share development opportunities that could be beneficial to both Zambia and New Mexico.

The Bemba tribe is one of 73 ethnic groups in Zambia, and with 21% of the population is the majority group in half of the nation’s 10 provinces. The Bemba language is widely used by many groups for communication throughout the land.

The king is planning on starting an academy in his country. One of the groups he visited here in Albuquerque, is Women To Be, a non-profit dedicated to providing reusable underwear and sanitary supplies to girls in impoverished areas. Their purpose is to encourage young women to stay in school, learn a skill, avoid early marriages and unwanted pregnancies.

The charity is being assisted by IDSP Business Academy, whose server is housed here at SWCP, hence the visit. IDSP trains entrepreneurs to build and upgrade their businesses. One of the problems that both Zambia and New Mexico share, the king noted, is that although education is often said to be the cure for poverty, all too often graduates in poor areas stay poor.

The visit was brief, but a exciting and interesting diversion for our day. We wish His Majesty success in his endeavor and that our two lands can cooperate in improving the quality of life of both our peoples.

Visitors outside SWCP; (l to r) 3 folks from IDSP, the king in the center, his entourage on the right

King of Bemba given patch cable by SWCP President Mark Costlow

The king and his entourage at a presentation in Ideas and Coffee