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If you have the need for speed, Southwest Cyberport’s got you covered.  But at SWCP, we go way beyond bandwidth. Our tech experts provide personalized services and support  to thousands of New Mexicans. We also offer state of the art web-publishing services and other web-services for small businesses and homes as well as commercial enterprises large and small.


Ideas and Coffee



SWCP sponsors Ideas and Coffee, a comfortable coworking space conveniently located across the hall from our main office.  It is a clean, quiet space for entrepreneurs and other independent workers  to  meet clients and associates or work online, with fast internet connections, coffee and all the other office amenities  needed to succeed.


Our Blog


Here in this blog you can find helpful articles on security, how to avoid spam and other pitfalls, and interesting tidbits about the Net as well as our staff and member community. Plus, there’s an archive of issues of our monthly newsletter, the SWCP Portal, which has longer and more in-depth pieces on the past, current, and future state of the Internet.

Thanks, New Mexico and the world!

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A King Visits Southwest Cyberport

On Saturday, May 5, SWCP has honored with a visit from a real live African king. Chitimukulu Sosala Kanyta Manga II, the 38th Paramount King (which is what "Chitimukulu" means) of the Bemba tribe of Zambia, took a brief tour of our facilities this morning. In the...

It’s Time for Maker Faire Again

It's time! This weekend, April 21 and 22, the Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire returns, with fun and fascination for the whole family. Never heard of it before? Well, Maker Faires celebrate human curiosity and ingenuity, with interesting projects that hobbyists, parents...

Meltdown and Spectre – and Now More

UPDATE: Meltdown and Spectre are critical security flaws in Intel chips, but recently 18 or so similar problems have been found in AMD chips. As Intel produces 77% of the world's computer processors and AMD the other 22%, this means basically that virtually all...

Reasons to Use Ad Blockers

Surfing the web these days is more like trying to navigate a crowded bazaar than gliding through refreshing vistas of good content. Everywhere you turn there is advertising in your face; banner ads, moving ads, talking ads, all seeking to steal your attention from...

Why you shouldn’t miss this WordCamp

There's a WordCamp coming to Albuquerque in less than two weeks. It's got a wide variety of presentations for all levels of WordPress Users. The first day, Foundation Friday, covers a lot of things you really want when you getting started. Here are the topics.    ...