At Southwest Cyberport, we know that all we can do to increase our members’ security in their online activities helps keep everybody else safe, too. So we not only offer a lot of good advice to all and sundry right here on the blog, there’s also a number of tools and services we make available to our customers for no extra charge.

SWCP Members are invited, nay encouraged, to make full use of them as needed. Just log in at the Members Portal  at our website with your username and password.

  1. Antispam filters –Whether you use SWCP’s email services through us or have us forward your mail to another box elsewhere, everyone should take advantage of this vigorous suite of email filters. You can block addresses, make sure that mail from other addresses reaches you filtered or unfiltered, and determine just how sensitive you want the filters to be. You can even set up addresses that mail should be forwarded to, or automatic replies for when you’re away.
  2. Spamprobe – Also located with our antispam filters, Spamprobe is an additional sophisticated spam filter,  one that learns from you. You can actually teach Spamprobe to distinguish spam from good mail, allowing you to further fine-tune your spam filters to keep the junk out.
  3. Webmail – Along with our antispam filters, this is a very helpful interface. You can directly manage your email from anywhere in the world with a web browser, and check that your spam filters are behaving as they should.
  4. Authenticated Message – Need to send an important message to us? It can be hard to prove it’s really coming from you if the email originates outside our system. But if you contact us using this handy form on our website, there’s no problem.
  5. Remote Authentication – Using another mail server with ours can be tricky, too, due to security issues. This will allow you to authenticate a remote server on a short-term basis as trustworthy.
  6. Temporary Email Addresses – Ever need a throwaway email address for an online order or a public posting that you will want to use just for a limited time? You can get up to 25 addresses that will last 6 months here.
  7. Password Generator – Really good passwords can be difficult to come up with. This handy tool can effortlessly do any number of both “soft” – easier to remember – or more complex and secure passwords for you to choose from.
  8. Website Access Control – Here you can set up a password-governed portal to your website, to restrict access to proprietary or other important data just to those you approve.
  9. Account Contacts – Did you know you can give permission to other parties to make changes to your accounts on your behalf? Account contacts can make things easier for busy executives. They are strongly recommended for corporations or enterprises with IT specialists, and this authorization can be also very handy for any web-designers you hire, too. You can authorize full access to all aspects for your trusted contact, or limit what area they can make changes to, such as just to your website.
  10. Computer Tuneups – SWCP will remove spyware and other malware from your computer for free once each year in our office. Other repair and installation services can be quite helpful too, but some conditions may apply. Call for details.

And finally, don’t forget Tech Support – it’s not just for emergencies.

SWCP’s justifiably proud of our neighborly Help Desk. Someone’s here to answer during business hours to help with taking orders and setting up services, giving advice, solving problems, checking out suspicious emails, and more. Plus, we have a toll-free number for those out-of-state panic attacks, too. So don’t forget to call before leaving on a trip to get access information for travelers.

Additional services

There are other fine products and services Southwest Cyberport that can help with security issues, but they require fees, including network consulting, setting up VPNs and so on. Possibly the most useful of all is our cloud-based backup service, SWCP BUS.

This provides automatic incremental backups of your vital files over your own broadband connection on a schedule of your own choosing. SWCP BUS can be set up for just one computer or an entire network. It’s a simple way to make sure you never lose a file again, and far less expensive than trying to recover one.

Whether you avail yourself of our entire range of products to enhance your security or just rely on calling Tech Support as needed with problems, Southwest Cyberport remains committed to making sure all our customers stay safe on line. Please let us know of your concerns.