It should come as no surprise that there are a lot of interesting, intelligent people in this area. They’re busy doing some amazingly creative things, which could often use some support. Many of these clever, talented people are members of Southwest Cyberport (naturally), and we thought it would be a good thing to share news of their cool projects.

To launch this series of posts, we start with an intriguing video game trying to raise funds with its own Kickstarter campaign: A Picture Perfect Murder. Here’s what they told us about it:

Ducks in a Row, Inc., an NM small business and long-time SWCP customer, is creating a casual video game called “A Picture Perfect Murder.”  In the game, you play the part of Chris O’Connor, a former crime-scene photographer who now freelances for travel magazines. The morning after you arrive at your latest venue, one of the staff members is killed. “A Picture Perfect Murder” is a hidden object/adventure game. As Chris, you’ll gather clues in a variety of adventure scenes, hidden-object scenes, and mini-games. You’ll interview the staff and the other guests, paying close attention to the cut scenes.  Finally, you’ll identify the murderer in a complex logic puzzle.  The game will be playable at three levels of difficulty: Innocent, Criminal, and Murderous.

As part of this venture, Ducks is creating a game engine, Storm Surge™.  Initially the game engine will primarily support puzzle/adventure games, Ducks plans to expand its capabilities later.

Ducks is running a Kickstarter campaign.  Rewards for the donors include the game itself and stuff (e.g., tee shirts). Two much more unusual options include the chance to be a character in the game, or to create your own game using Storm Surge™.

For more information, to see some sample graphics, and to become involved, check it out at A Picture Perfect Murder.

Inventors! Artists! Entrepreneurs! Event Coordinators!

Are you an SWCP customer with a fun, cool project you’d like to tell people about? Southwest Cyberport would like to help. It doesn’t have to be involved with Kickstarter or need fund-raising. Finished projects, accomplished works, upcoming events, and sincere proposals are fine, too. Email us with the details so we can help share them with the community. 😀