Pop-up ads are generally merely annoying, but some can actually pose a threat. Of course, it’s the worst that try the hardest to make themselves look legitimate and helpful.

You might find yourself faced with one that purports to be a survey of Internet services. And it looks quite official, even down to the legalese text on the bottom, and offers valuable gifts for a few minutes of your time. And above all, it looks totally innocuous, with easy, objective, multiple-choice questions. What could be the harm in that?

Plenty, though you might not realize it for awhile. Filling in the form can leave your computer infected, maybe just with more annoying adware, or something more serious. But any adware is a breach in your privacy defenses, and other nasties you may run into while browsing can make the gap worse.

Now, this “survey” may be for a site you visit, or even your ISP,  which is why we’re issuing this warning. We’re seeing more reports of our members being asked to rate Southwest Cyberport. Some customers, wishing to give SWCP a good word or help us improve, have gone ahead and filled out the form, to their regret. The only party that got a favor from it were the scammers.

The best response is the same for all pop-ups: ignore it, close the window without clicking anything. If you think you might have been infected see here for steps on removal.

And of course, with any security questions or concerns that you have, feel free to contact SWCP Tech Support. We’re not afraid of our customers’ opinions of us; we want to make sure your Internet experience is as smooth, safe, and pleasant as possible, and we love to hear your feedback, good or bad. It’s the only way we can tell how well we’re doing and to do even better.

Just don’t rely on spammers to deliver it! 😛

Thanks, and surf safely!