Southwest Cyberport is pleased to announce that our iPhone app, Mail Minder, is now available in the Apple App Store!

Mail Minder – Intelligent Push Notifications for Email

Mail Minder alerts you when important messages come in. Tell Mail Minder what to watch for: messages from a particular person, or location, or with certain key words in the subject. Then relax and let Mail Minder watch for them while you get on with your life. No more obsessively checking email every few minutes, wondering if the client has replied to your proposal, or your brother has emailed about the new baby, or the airline changed your flight after you left the hotel.

The app is free (ad-supported) for up to 3 Minders, with in-app purchases avaialble for subscriptions. Paid accounts can add more Minders, get more frequent polling for new messages, and have no ads in the app.

Mail Minder works with any standard POP or IMAP account (SWCP, GMail, etc.). Follow this link to download Mail Minder for free from the App Store!