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If you have the need for speed, Southwest Cyberport’s got you covered.  But at SWCP, we go way beyond bandwidth. Our tech experts provide personalized services and support  to thousands of New Mexicans. We also offer state of the art web-publishing services and other web-services for small businesses and homes as well as commercial enterprises large and small.

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Ideas and Coffee

SWCP sponsors Ideas and Coffee, a comfortable coworking space conveniently located across the hall from our main office.  It is a clean, quiet space for entrepreneurs and other independent workers  to  meet clients and associates or work online, with fast internet connections, coffee and all the other office amenities  needed to succeed.

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Our Blog

Here in this blog you can find helpful articles on security, how to avoid spam and other pitfalls, and interesting tidbits about the Net as well as our staff and member community. Plus, there’s an archive of issues of our monthly newsletter, the SWCP Portal, which has longer and more in-depth pieces on the past, current, and future state of the Internet.

Thanks, New Mexico and the world!

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Get Started with WordPress

At Southwest Cyberport, we're wild about WordPress. And what's not to love? As mentioned in our latest newsletter, WordPress dominates the web. It is possibly the most widely-used publishing platform on the planet, powering over 76 million blogs and over a quarter of...
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SWCP, Data Merchants, and You

It's official: President Trump signed the repeal of online privacy rules prohibiting ISPs from selling your browsing history. There are no longer any legal prohibitions for anyone selling the record of places you've visited online – or information extracted from it –...
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New Threats to Macintosh Security

Since the dawn of personal computers, one premium brand has consistently stayed at the forefront in terms of ease of use, graphics, and other user-friendly features. This brand has been so successful that it almost defined what the personal computer is and can be...
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Tax Scam Season Is Here

Like an early sign of spring, the tax scammers and would-be defrauders are already spreading their evil lies all across the land. And this year, they've gotten an early start and seem worse than ever. The IRS says that phishing scams – using email supposedly from a...
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Unintended Consequences and the Internet of Things

Complex technologies like computers are, well, complicated, incredibly complicated. Not even their designers can anticipate how they will behave in every possible situation, which is why there are beta testers and bug reports. Engineers build machines to perform...
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