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If you have the need for speed, Southwest Cyberport’s got you covered.  But at SWCP, we go way beyond bandwidth. Our tech experts provide personalized services and support  to thousands of New Mexicans. We also offer state of the art web-publishing services and other web-services for small businesses and homes as well as commercial enterprises large and small.

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Ideas and Coffee

SWCP sponsors Ideas and Coffee, a comfortable coworking space conveniently located across the hall from our main office.  It is a clean, quiet space for entrepreneurs and other independent workers  to  meet clients and associates or work online, with fast internet connections, coffee and all the other office amenities  needed to succeed.

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Our Blog

Here in this blog you can find helpful articles on security, how to avoid spam and other pitfalls, and interesting tidbits about the Net as well as our staff and member community. Plus, there’s an archive of issues of our monthly newsletter, the SWCP Portal, which has longer and more in-depth pieces on the past, current, and future state of the Internet.

Thanks, New Mexico and the world!

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Rebooting the Internet

Every now and then, most computers need rebooting. The longer one runs, after all, the more applications and processes are engaged and abandoned. Eventually short-term memory fills up with useless data. The machine slows down, activity and connections may become...
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Algorithms: Magic Formulas That Rule Our Lives

Computer geeks and math nerds familiar with the concept of algorithms probably smiled cynically at that headline. But for the vast majority of us who aren’t even sure of what they do or even are, it’s a fair description. The term is derived from the name...
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What’s the Big Deal About Facebook News Feeds?

This week, the Web exploded over charges that the content of Facebook’s Trending topics feature is decided by humans – including a bunch of young, college-educated contractors in Knoxville, Kentucky. Who, despite their location, according to the Gizmodo report,...
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Windows 10 Spying and Sharing Is Unstoppable

The more that technical types examine Windows 10, the less of a good thing it seems to be. For ordinary users, that is. For the software giant of Redmond and the National Security Agency, however, Windows 10 might be the answer to a dream. Researchers have found, for...
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Even Big-Name Sites Are Unsafe

What do the NY Times, the BBC, Newsweek, The Hill,  MSN, AOL, the Weather Network, the NFL, and all have in common? Their popular websites recently served up ads that stealthily try to infect visitors computers with ransomware and other nastiness. The...
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