Can the Internet be tamed?

The World Wide Web is nearly a quarter of a century old; but it wasn’t until the browser was invented twenty years ago that it took off. Invented by atomic scientists as a means of sharing their experimental results, for such a young technology it’s surprisingly...

Is Cyberwar the New Normal?

The Internet these days is often compared to the Wild West. It, too, is a wide open frontier with endless possibilities, loose rules, limited government controls and not a few rustlers and bandits lurking along its trails. But unlike other frontiers, the Net seems to...

New Technology May Lead to Brain Hacking

The world is becoming even more futuristic – and not necessarily in an entirely good way – with the recent developments in brain-computer interfaces (BCI). This technology involves using electrodes for a computer to read and interpret the electrical impulses generated by nerves firing. Ranging from electrodes actually implanted into the brain to simple skullcaps fitted with an array of attached electrodes, the potential uses are enormous.

President Issues Cyberwar Warning

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, serious cybersecurity concerns are quietly but steadily growing. And it was the President himself who has sounded the latest alarm. Several days ago, President Obama issued a warning in an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal.