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Art by Angus Macpherson

Books, posters, and information about New Mexico artist Angus Macpherson.

Desert Sea Publishing Co.

Software, books, and videos for horse race handicapping.

Mysterious Valley Press -- The Detectives Who Loved Shakespeare

Snoopy Albuquerque schoolteacher Monica Walters solves a murder in this first in the series "The Detectives who Loved" while she and the police detective discover their mutual love of Shakespeare.

Palm Leaf Books

Palm Leaf Books showcases the writings of Finnish/American author, Roy Reinikainen, uplifting tales of gay young men.

Reality Calling

A blog devoted to reviewing redemptive Christian speculative fiction for Christian authors and readers.


Fun, fast, and light stories by local authors in digital format for people on the go or unwinding at the end of a busy day.

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