LightSpeed Home

Want to check availability?  Please fill out  our Loop Qualification Form for information on what speeds you can receive. 

Our  newest residential broadband access option is LightSpeed. It provides internet access over a stand-alone phone line, using a fiber optic network to provide blazing fast speeds. Southwest Cyberport is your single point of contact for all billing and technical issues (no more waiting on hold forever with a phone or cable company!)

LightSpeed Home Connection Options

40Mb / 5Mb

Speed (Down/Up) Month to Month Annual Contract
1.5Mb / 896Kb $48 $43
3Mb / 640Kb $60 $53
5Mb / 896Kb $60 $53
5Mb / 5Mb $65 $58
7Mb / 896Kb $60 $53
7Mb / 5Mb $65 $58
12Mb / 896Kb $70 $63
12Mb / 5Mb $75 $68
20Mb / 896Kb $80 $73
20Mb / 5Mb $85 $78
40Mb / 5Mb $128 $117

Above prices are per month. Universal Service Fund (USF), taxes additional. 

Activation fee: $99, currently discounted to $20 as an introduction of LightSpeed until 2017-03-31.


Type Price Features
Advanced Modem Lease $8 /month 4 ethernet ports; wireless support
Advanced Modem Purchase $115 4 ethernet ports; wireless support

LightSpeed Home Installation Fees

Self Install No Charge Customer performs installation
Technician Install $99.00 Technician performs basic installation for a single device.
Professional Networking Install $149.00 Technician performs installation for up to 8 devices. Wired connections to the modem must be in the same room and within 50 feet.

Routeable public IP space is available for LightSpeed connections.  See here for pricing.

Please fill out  our Loop Qualification Form for information on what speeds you can receive.