Southwest Cyberport supports POP3, for downloading email, and IMAP clients, for reading email online. SWCP also maintains several different webmail programs for your online use. They allow you to manage you email from anywhere with Internet access.

Our recommended webmail client is Roundcube. It is optimized for modern browsers with a nice interface that feels fluid and easy to use.

An option for older web browsers that don’t work with Roundcube is  Horde.

Note that if you’re using any webmail client from an Internet cafe or any computer to which others have access, certain security precautions must be taken. First, remember to log out. Then, if using Firefox be sure to exit your browser after using any webmail client so your password isn’t preserved. In Internet Explorer, answer “No” to the save your password question. Otherwise the next person to use that terminal will have your password.

To use simply select a client from the choices on drop-down navigation menu along the top of this page, under Email. You will need username and password to access.

Unsupported Webmail Clients

This link is for Thuntek customers wishing to use Squirrel Mail.

Twig is now officially unsupported due to lack of any development work in several years.

Spam Filter

A configurable spam filter is available. Note: you’ll need your email username and password.

Filtered spam is saved online in a special directory labeled “Junk” accessible through Roundcube. Messages are deleted automatically in chronological order after a period of months, or you can delete them yourself.

If you ever miss a message, check there first. Also, it is a good idea to occasionally check contents to see how your filter settings are working.