As you may already know, .PRO domains have been around for several years.  However, they were previously difficult to register and maintain.  So much so that our partner registrar, OpenSRS, did not even carry them.

Recently they have streamlined the administration of .PRO domains, and now SWCP is happy to be able to register them.  To celebrate we’re running a 2-for-1 promotion until Feb 15th 2012!  Buy a .PRO domain for $20, and we’ll register it for 2 years instead of 1!

.PRO domains are intended to be used by licensed professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, etc.)  As such, there is some additional information you have to provide when you register the domain (your license number, and a pointer to the authority which issued the license).

We have a page describing a bit more about .PRO domains, complete with a request form if you want to get one of your very own, right here.