.PRO Domain Names

Dot Pro

.PRO Domain Names are available now!  (2-for-1 promo ends Feb 15, 2012)

Who can register a .PRO name?

Any licensed professional, business, or organization is eligible to register a .PRO domain.

Because .PRO is exclusively for registration by the professional community, using a .PRO name automatically identifies the registrant to their customers as an accredited expert in their field.

Who uses .PRO?

Because .PRO is exclusively reserved for use by the professional community, it is preferred by licensed professionals in fields such as:

  • Medicine
  • Real Estate
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • IT

What extra requirements are there for a .PRO registration?

You’ll need to submit the following information with your .PRO domain request:

  • Your profession
  • The licensing authority for your profession
  • The website of the licensing authority
  • Your license number

This information is not included in the public WHOIS database.  It is kept on file by the registrar.  And as always, SWCP offers FREE WHOIS Privacy if you want to keep all of your information private.

I heard there’s a promotion?

Yes!  If you register a .PRO domain with SWCP before Feb 15, 2012, you’ll get 2 years registration for the price of 1!  $20 gets your new .PRO domain registered for 2 full years.

Request your .PRO domain now:

E.g. yourname.pro or yourcompany.pro
Medicine, Law, Architect, Engineer, etc.
Name of the authority who issues your profesional license
Preferably a link to the membership directory