Copilot Remote Tech Support

Southwest Cyberport has teamed up with Copilot to make tech support much easier.

Copilot Remote Assistance allows the person providing tech support to remotely log in and run the Windows or Mac machine requiring help anywhere in the world. It allows the support provider to see the other’s screen in real time, move the distant cursor, and enter text over the Internet via a secure SSL connection just as if he/she were sitting at the desk next to you. This vastly simplifies troubleshooting, diagnosis, and applying fixes to problems without miscommunication and misunderstandings on either end.

Our technicians rely on Copilot all the time to help speed our customers speed through their configuration issues. Copilot is particularly useful for complicated situations involving multiple settings, with users who are unfamiliar with their computer, or who are easily confused or intimidated by them.

Software has to be downloaded on both ends to use. It’s free for SWCP members needing assistance, but inexpensive and easy for those people providing help to non-members, like for their parents or kids. If needed for oneself, first call up SWCP Tech Support, (505) 232-7992, and describe your problem to our friendly technician.

To get help

If, after discussion, you both agree that remote assistance would be beneficial, click on the link above or the one at the bottom of the SWCP page under Tools & Info to go to the Copilot website. The technician will give you an invitation code that you should enter in the field on the Receive Help tab and click “Go”.

Then, download the Copilot Host client and run the program. Sit back and watch as the technician works on your machine. That’s all there is to it!

You will need a new invitation code for each session, but the service is free for SWCP customers. If you’re providing help for someone, Copilot offers a 30-day free trial, plus monthly plans and inexpensive day passes. Just go to the site and follow the instructions.

Note that the service is intended for Windows 2000 or later, and Mac OS X 10.5 -10.10. Email and web browsers must be functional and connected. More information on how Copilot works and its options can be found here.