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Why choose SWCP for web hosting?

NOTE: GB means Gigabyte, which contains 8 times the number of bits as Gb, which means Gigabit. This convention also applies to MB, megabyte, Mb, megabit, KB kilobyte and Kb kilobit and so on.

Perfect for Resumes, Business Cards, Brochures, or Announcements More disk space, PHP, basic web applications (blogs, forums) E-Commerce, Advanced web applications (Wiki, Shopping Carts, CMS)
Enhanced4 Disk Space – 50 MB Enhanced4 Disk Space – 1 GB Enhanced4 Disk Space – 10 GB
Monthly Transfer – 1 GB Monthly Transfer – 10 GB Monthly Transfer – 30 GB
Email Boxes3 – 1 Email Boxes3 – 6 Email Boxes3 – 16
MySQL DBs – None MySQL DBs – None1 MySQL DBs – 10
Web Apps – Starter Web Apps – Basic Web Apps – Pro
Stats – Basic Stats – Basic2 Stats – Webalizer
Non-Profit $10/Month Non-Profit $15/Month
Available Web Applications
Starter Plan
Basic Plan
Email Form Results
Coppermine Photo Gallery
Pro Plan
Nightly backups, offsite archives, webfarm redundancy, and a backup generator are standard with all packages.We provide support via phones, email, or walk-in.
All plans include a virtual server (a URL like http://www.mydomain.com/).
1 MySQL databases needed for Basic web apps are included with this plan.
2 Raw web logs may be requested.
3Unlimited domain specific email aliases. You may create, delete, or edit these at any time from our control panel.
4Enhanced disk space – Multiple levels of quickly accessible backups via snapshots,
RAID disk structure for data redundancy, local full backups and offsite backups stored in
a secure facility. We don’t offer the MOST disk space, but we do offer the BEST disk space.
NP – Non-profit, or personal. (Not commercial)
Add-on Monthly Cost Setup Fees Yearly Cost
Additional virtual servers $5
Domain alias Free
SSL support (SSL Certificate Types ) From $95
Additional Bandwidth (transfer) $2.50/GB
Additional disk space (up to 100MB) $0.10/MB
Additional disk space (from 100MB to 1GB) $0.05/MB
Additional disk space (more than 1GB) $0.02/MB
Domain registration or transfer plus DNS service $20/year
SWCP is an Authorize.net reseller. Let us help you get a merchant account or use your own merchant account with one of the Internet’s most popular payment gateways. Getting started is as easy as filling out this form.

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