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Why choose SWCP for web hosting?

NOTE: As of October 2014, disk space has been increased for all service levels by at least 250%.

Perfect for Resumes, Business Cards, Brochures, or Announcements More disk space, PHP, basic web applications (blogs, forums) E-Commerce, Advanced web applications (Wiki, Shopping Carts, CMS)
Enhanced4 Disk Space – 50 MB Enhanced4 Disk Space – 1 GB Enhanced4 Disk Space – 10 GB
Monthly Transfer – 1 Gb Monthly Transfer – 10 Gb Monthly Transfer – 30 Gb
Email Boxes3 – 1 Email Boxes3 – 6 Email Boxes3 - 16
MySQL DBs – None MySQL DBs – None1 MySQL DBs – 10
Web Apps – Starter Web Apps – Basic Web Apps – Pro
Stats – Basic Stats – Basic2 Stats – Webalizer
Non Profit $10/Month Non Profit $15/Month
Available Web Applications
Starter Plan
Basic Plan
Email Form Results
Coppermine Photo Gallery
Pro Plan
Nightly backups, offsite archives, webfarm redundancy, and a backup generator are standard with all packages.We provide support via phones, email, or walk-in.
All plans include a virtual server (a URL like http://www.mydomain.com/).
1 MySQL databases needed for Basic web apps are included with this plan.
2 Raw web logs may be requested.
3Unlimited domain specific email aliases. You may create, delete, or edit these at any time from our control panel.
4Enhanced disk space – Multiple levels of quickly accessible backups via snapshots,
RAID disk structure for data redundancy, local full backups and offsite backups stored in
a secure facility. We don’t offer the MOST disk space, but we do offer the BEST disk space.
NP – Non-profit, or personal. (Not commercial)
Add-on Monthly Cost Setup Fees Yearly Cost
Additional virtual servers $5
Domain alias Free
SSL support (SSL Certificate Types ) From $95
Additional Bandwidth (transfer) $2.50/GB
Additional disk space (up to 100MB) $0.10/MB
Additional disk space (from 100MB to 1GB) $0.05/MB
Additional disk space (more than 1GB) $0.02/MB
Domain registration or transfer plus DNS service $20/year
SWCP is an Authorize.net reseller. Let us help you get a merchant account or use your own merchant account with one of the internet’s most popular payment gateways. Getting started is as easy as filling out this form.

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