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The Solution to DSL Slowdowns

High-speed broadband access is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity. Old-fashioned dial-up is really barely able to cope with email much less modern webpages. They simply have too much going on for dial-up to handle, with all their widgets and scripts, the interactive features, animated graphics and videos. Continue reading

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Albuquerque’s DSL Dead Zones

Believe it or not, right here in Albuquerque, a 21st-century metropolis that some science fiction writers once imagined as the future capital of the Solar System, there are still many neighborhoods and small areas where it is impossible to get highspeed DSL Internet access. Even more surprisingly, not all of these dead zones are on the fringes of the urban sprawl, either. Some are located right in the busy heart of the city. One such residential dead zone, for instance, is right next to Coronado mall. It’s just a mile or so away from our Uptown office, yet as far as getting DSL service, it might as well be in the middle of the desert. Other DSL dead zones are scattered between Singer and Osuna, along the Jefferson Corridor, out toward Alameda and Los Ranchos, around Yale and I-25 up towards the Sunport, and even up by Juan Tabo and Central. Smaller patches also exist here and there seemingly without reason – one popular coffee shop on Menaul, for example, can’t get DSL at all, yet a vacant lot across the street could be provided with 3-5 MB without any problem. The holes in DSL coverage are not uniform by any means, and there are no helpful maps or listings. In fact, the information above was gleaned from remarks of our installers. But it turns out that there is a way to know. The only way to actually find out … Continue reading

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LightSpeed: A Wide Range of Fast Connections for Home or Business

  SWCP LightSpeed is a kind of broadband, that is, highspeed, Internet access. Most of these connections rely on a fiber-optic connection to your neighborhood, though some may use another form of DSL. In any case, this makes your LightSpeed connection much faster, more reliable, and easier to use than dial-up or even other DSL. LightSpeed is “always on” — ready for use whenever you are. SWCP LightSpeed is a “standalone” broadband service only. It will require an unused (that is, without active voice service on it) but still serviceable phone line. If there is not one at hand, we may attempt to bring one to your building. Most homes and businesses are wired for multiple lines, so one is usually available. With LightSpeed, you have a choice between a wide variety of speeds and prices for home and small businesses. For most of them, downloading speed is much faster than uploading speed, which works well for most usage patterns. Prequalification is first necessary to check what speeds are available to your address. It’s quick, easy, free and there’s no obligation, and you can do it yourself here. Your LightSpeed Router A DSL router containing a modem must be installed to link your computer to the Net. SWCP provides high speed  routers. Our standard model at this time is the Actiontec Q1000, although the specific model many vary depending on availability. The router has a hardware firewall, and with the … Continue reading

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