For the last decade, the SWCP Portal has been delivering the latest news about Southwest Cyberport, handy tips on Internet use, articles on how it actually works, and timely information on online events and trends and what they will mean for all of us. Here’s an archive of more recent issues with a list of their headlines.

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2014 Newsletters

 The Portal, January 2014.
Have the NSA and other spies broken the Internet?
Can it recover?
The Portal, February 2014,
Domain Verification and new TLDs
The Portal, March 2014,
A Short History of SWCP
 NewThe Portal, April 2014,
Filling the Need for Speed

2013 Newsletters

The Portal, January 2013 Protection Beyond Passwords The Portal, February 2013
Robots, robots everywhere
The Portal, March 2013
All about SWCP – services you might not know we have!
The Portal, April 2013 Cloud Computing explained. Jay Nelson hilights the benefits (and risks) of the cloud. The Portal, May 2013 Can the Internet ever be tamed? Jay Nelson explores the Wild Wild Web nature of the Internet. The Portal, June 2013 Summer Screening – lots of links to summer fun including the popular TV streaming and humor sites, plus some hidden gems you might not know about like the documentary archives of the National Film Board and the Internet Archive.
The Portal, July 2013 Tips for getting the most out of Tech Support, ways to protect your privacy online, and a WordCamp 2013 announcement. The Portal, August 2013
Thoughts on computers in education, MOOCs defined and considered, and a rundown of the many tech events coming up in Albuquerque in the next month.
The Portal, September 2013
It’s meeting time with the first Albuquerque Tech Fiesta and WordCamp. Full details on all the activities inside.
The Portal, October 2013
All about the NSA’s surveillance of the Internet.
The Portal, November 2013.
Publishing a modern web site has become more complex than in the old days, but at the same time new and powerful tools can make it faster and easier.
 The Portal, December 2013.
“Free” email may not be so free after all. Here’s why it’s better to pay, even a little.


2012 Newsletters

The Portal, January 2012 Passwords and Protection The Portal, February 2012 Ebooks Turn the Page The Portal, March 2012 The Hidden Cost of Online Convenience
The Portal, April 2012 Free and Open Software  The Portal, May 2012 TCP/IP Makes the Net Go The Portal, June 2012 Domain Registration Scams | Travel Apps and Tablets
The Portal, July 2012 Domain Name Game Reaches Whole New Level | Ideas & Coffee Coworking Space Opens | WordCamp Albuquerque Returns The Portal, August 2012 Back to School Brings New Gadgets and Hype | Coworking? What Is It? The Portal, September 2012 To Google or Not to Google? | Slow DSL Connections
The Portal
October 2012
 The 3D Replicator Revolution
The Portal
November 2012
 New tablets introduced | Smartphone security | Snackreads introduces bitesize ebooks
The Portal
December 2012
 A break from the doom and gloom – an optimistic look at what our high-tech ultra-connected future might bring. 


2011 Newsletters

The Portal, January 2011Fighting Over the Internet Pie | Annual Security Reminders The Portal, February 2011TV and the Internet The Portal, March 2011The Global Village Is Here | HTML: The Words Behind the Web
The Portal, April 2011Choosing the Best Backup Strategy The Portal, May 2011Digital Immortality? | SWCP Joins Important IPv6 Non-Event The Portal, June 2011Phishing for Apples
The Portal, July 2011Searching Beyond Google The Portal, August 2011Announcing LightSpeed | Back to School e-Supplies The Portal, September 2011Web-Publishing All the Way
The Portal, October 2011The Wonders of WordPress 1 | Online Sextortionist Sentenced
The Portal, November 2011Managing Email on More than One Computer  The Portal, December 2011Last Minute Shopping for Geeks | Check the Net Before You Go

2010 Newsletters

The Portal, January 2010Staying Safe Online | What is a Certificate and why would I need one? The Portal, February 2010How the Web Works IV: On Copy Rights and Neutral Nets | VLW: A Simple Site-Builder for Everyone The Portal, March 2010Online Privacy Update | Reader Beware
The Portal, April 2010Meeting the Need for Speed The Portal, May 2010Google-mania! | Google v. Facebook v. You? | iPhone Productivity Tips The Portal, June 2010Keeping in Touch While Traveling | Exploring the Universe by Desktop
The Portal, July 2010Addressing the Net Address “Crisis” The Portal, August 2010School e-Supplies | Speed up your email | Welcome Hubwest The Portal, September 2010Who’s Watching You? | Never lose homework with the SWCP Schoolbus
The Portal, October 2010Wiki: Weird Name, World Changing Tech
The Portal, November 2010Smart Holiday Shopping Online The Portal, December 2010Configuring Email for iPhones and iPads

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