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Important Updates for Web-Publishers

If you own or run a website, there are a few new wrinkles you should know about. In the first place, the powers that be at ICANN who run the World Wide Web’s all-important Domain Name System have instituted a new hoop for domain owners to jump through. Since January 1 of this year, all new domains, any that get transferred or have any owner or contact information changed, must have the domain owner’s email address verified – or else. The domain’s administrative contact will be sent an email from the registrar with an activation link to be clicked or ICANN will disable the domain. If the message is not replied to within 15 days, the site will not be usable at at all until fixed – not even including email. This whole procedure violates just about every safety tip SWCP has issued to users to help everyone stay safe online. So Southwest Cyberport will do all we can to track the process, make it easy, prevent shutdowns, and keep it secure. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. It can be expected that bad guys will try to take full advantage of this situation. Remember that no legitimate message will ever ask for your username or password. If you have any doubts, please call or email Tech Support. But whatever you do, please don’t ignore it. Note that this validation message will be sent only to that email address … Continue reading

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Not all Clouds are the Same

Cloud computing may be a term both vague and overused, but it is far more than just the latest buzzword. The “cloud” is another way of referring to the Internet; hence “cloud computing” is simply computing done over the Net. In other words, it’s all about applications that function over the Web, and it indicates a revolutionary way of doing things. Even if you don’t have a clue as to what it means, you’re already using it on a daily basis. If you check your email on your smartphone, search for information, visit Amazon or Facebook or look at Google Maps, you’ve been interacting with a cloud. And if you didn’t realize it, it worked exactly as it should. Clouds may be revolutionary but the idea is not exactly new: at one time way back when, computers were hulking mainframe boxes in their own specially-refrigerated rooms attached to multiple terminals close by where operators inputted programs. The terminals were no more than teletype keyboards with zero independent memory or computing power. While the modern cloud system is vastly more sophisticated and widespread, the principle of sharing pooled computing resources remains. And it’s what gives cloud computing its tremendous potential, and unique risks. The term “clouds” suggests nice fluffy aggregations of data floating peacefully “out there” in cyberspace, but Internet clouds can be as varied as the real things are. Clouds can be private, behind firewalls requiring passwords to access, or … Continue reading

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Virtual Servers Offer Power, Convenience, and Savings

As a full-service ISP, Southwest Cyberport offers a complete spectrum of web-publishing services from simple static webpages to highly complex, state-of-the-art interactive content managed sites. But there’s even more to it than that. At one end of the range are free personal webpages we offer to all our broadband and dial-up customers. At the high end are dedicated colocated webservers owned and operated by corporate clients that access the Internet directly from our secure, access controlled machine room. In between, SWCP offers web-hosting services in three different strengths: Starter, Basic, and Professional. But now, we are happy to offer a new upper tier of web-publishing service that gives the isolation and independence of private servers without the steep costs of owning and colocating hardware. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) here at SWCP balances convenience and cost to allow website owners and administrators to run their own web-publishing software just the way they want to. A virtual machine is software on a device that emulates the functions of an entire computer. This allows many virtual servers to run simultaneously on one “real” server, all hidden from each other. Less hardware is required, space is conserved, and resources are shared more efficiently than with purely dedicated servers. Virtualization is already common and is spreading quite rapidly through data centers particularly because of its usefulness in cloud computing. These economics make virtual servers much less expensive to operate than racks of dedicated devices … Continue reading

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