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Stopping Windows 10 Upgrade – UPDATE 2

UPDATE, Feb. 6, 2016 – It’s starting to look like the reason Microsoft is so determined to move users to Windows 10 is that it is essentially spyware. One independent researcher installed it on a test PC with all telemetry and feedback turned off, and found that Windows 10 was still communicating with Microsoft almost constantly. Over 8 hours, the machine made nearly 4,000 connections with over 50 servers. Not only is the sheer volume mind-boggling, what on Earth are they monitoring? And why?

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Get the Facts about Fiber first

There’s good news and not-so-good news about fiber optic connections in Albuquerque. The good news: it appears the entire metro area will be getting those fast, reliable connections soon. The not-so-good news: not only will it eliminate older forms of DSL, there also appears to be a lot of misleading information being told about it. First, however, you should find out the actual speeds you are getting for downloading and uploading. There are many Internet speed tests available online, here’s one that requires no downloads or set-up: Free Internet Speed Test. Once armed with that information, you can make better choices as to what speed you really need. It’s true that once CenturyLink upgrades the cable connections in your neighborhood, older DSL forms may perform poorly. So poorly that the company is phasing them out, so that when fiber comes in, users will have no option other than to switch. Where the misinformation comes in is about the lack of choice users will then have. We have received numerous reports from our customers that CenturyLink has left them with the distinct impression that once fiber is in place, they will no longer be able to use Southwest Cyberport as an ISP. This is not true. SWCP partners with CenturyLink to provide our own fiber-based service, LightSpeed, and will continue to furnish users with our service. Check out LightSpeed speeds and prices and current availabilty here. So, if you are informed … Continue reading

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A Home for Freelancers

It is isn’t easy being a freelancer these days, not that it ever has. But working for oneself has now become a very common thing in our modern “sharing” economy. Not only does a freelancer need to have the drive and vision of an entrepreneur, the faith and ability to sell one’s skills and ideas like an advertising director, but it’s all too easy to find oneself stuck at home. She or he also need to find ways to meet people and keep ideas fresh and energetic. Above all, those working on their own need to stay inspired by avoiding isolation and getting stuck in a rut, which can all too easily happen when constantly surrounded by all the distractions that arise at home. That’s why places like our own Ideas & Coffee Coworking Space are gaining attention. A coworking space offers independent self-motivated people an office-like environment with all the amenities as well as a nice place to meet clients and colleagues – plus the chance to network with similar folks facing similar problems. They’re dedicated spaces far better than coffee-shops (and with safer Internet connections) for working. And they’re gaining in popularity as the economy evolves. PBS has recognized this with a report this last week on the PBS Newshour, “Selling office space and happy hour to a rising economy of freelancers“. It’s an interesting look at the coworking phenomenon, though it never mentions the term, and how … Continue reading

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