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Beware Fake SWCP Tech Support Email Warnings

It happens just about every day. Some slimy scammer comes up with a new way to impersonate SWCP’s renowned tech support in order to steal your data. Here’s the latest that a customer recently received word for word (only the false tech support phone number has been obscured): IF YOU ARE A Southwest Cyberport CUSTOMER PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTINUING TO it appears that your OS X computer and Firefox web browser has popup ads ENABLED and may be at a security risk. Please call TOLL FREE to repair this now at 1-866-283-XXXX. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: Before you use , it is strongly advised that you call to disable popup ads. You can do so by calling 1-866-283-XXXX now. ********************* Browser: Firefox IP: Users might be impressed by the fact that the scammers seem to know what system and browser are being used and the IP address. But it’s fairly trivial to discover those things, or the bad guys might just have guessed, and like most phishers, are just hoping to get lucky. But there are two obvious clues (apart from poor grammar): 1) The phone number is NOT for SWCP Tech Support. While Area Code 866 is reserved for toll-free tech support and the like, why would we not use our local number (232-7992) or our own well-established long distance toll-free number (1-888-792-7966)? 2) Firefox and all other browsers block popups on the user’s own computer – it … Continue reading

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The Crowdsourcing of Terror

The world is still reeling from the horrific Friday the 13th terrorist attacks in Paris; the cost in dead and wounded are still being counted, the clean-up is barely underway, and the investigation into the perpetrators is in its earliest phases. There will be much debate in the following days and weeks, but already the French have said that the 8 attackers, 7 of which killed themselves, were all members or inspired by ISIS, and they have taken responsibility as well as threaten more attacks The full extent of the so-called caliphate’s involvement is not yet known; whether the killers were radicalized French citizens, foreign fighters who snuck in as refugees, or hardened veterans of the Syrian conflict. It’s quite possible that all these types were involved, but however it turns out, there’s no question but that it has changed the security landscape around the world. Major factors that must be confronted in all this is that ISIS has been adeptly using social media to recruit would-be killers, and that wherever they came from and however they were organized, the attackers managed to stay completely unsuspected by the security services and thus were able to plan and execute a coordinated attack on at least 6 targets. What this means, simply enough, is that terror has become crowdsourced. As we have discussed in a recent issue of the SWCP Portal, crowdsourcing leverages the mass audiences of the Internet to achieve specific … Continue reading

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A Home for Freelancers

It is isn’t easy being a freelancer these days, not that it ever has. But working for oneself has now become a very common thing in our modern “sharing” economy. Not only does a freelancer need to have the drive and vision of an entrepreneur, the faith and ability to sell one’s skills and ideas like an advertising director, but it’s all too easy to find oneself stuck at home. She or he also need to find ways to meet people and keep ideas fresh and energetic. Above all, those working on their own need to stay inspired by avoiding isolation and getting stuck in a rut, which can all too easily happen when constantly surrounded by all the distractions that arise at home. That’s why places like our own Ideas & Coffee Coworking Space are gaining attention. A coworking space offers independent self-motivated people an office-like environment with all the amenities as well as a nice place to meet clients and colleagues – plus the chance to network with similar folks facing similar problems. They’re dedicated spaces far better than coffee-shops (and with safer Internet connections) for working. And they’re gaining in popularity as the economy evolves. PBS has recognized this with a report this last week on the PBS Newshour, “Selling office space and happy hour to a rising economy of freelancers“. It’s an interesting look at the coworking phenomenon, though it never mentions the term, and how … Continue reading

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