Business Century Link DSL Service

The lowest cost business broadband access option is CenturyLink DSL. It uses an existing CL phone line to your business. CenturyLink bills you directly on your phone bill for the DSL line charges. SWCP bills you for the Internet access portion of the service. This service is available on a month-to-month basis, with discounts from Century Link if you commit to a 1-, 2-, or 3-year term.

About Term Discounts: If you commit to a term with Century Link, you are locked in for the length of that term. If you cancel DSL service, change ISPs, or reduce speed, there is an early termination penalty based on the term you selected: $100, $200, or $300 for the 1-, 2-, or 3-year terms, respectively. These term discounts and pentalties are billed by CenturyLink, not SWCP.

Current Products

Product SWCP (Internet Access)
Monthly Cost 1,2
Century Link Monthly Cost
(appears on phone bill) 3
Total Monthly Cost
M-M 1yr 2yr 3yr M-M 1yr 2yr 3yr
CL Connect
$12 ($18) $30.00 $27.00 $25.50 $24.00 $42.00
CL Silver
Up to 1.5Mb
$18 ($26) $45.00 $40.50 $38.25 $36.00 $63.00
CL Platinum
Up to 3Mb-7Mb
$26 ($36) $65.00 $58.50 $55.25 $52.00 $91.00
Activation $99

1. There is a one time setup fee of $20 for new accounts

2. Prices based on a one year contract. Prices in parenthesis are month to month pricing.

3. Equipment is extra and may be purchased or rented. See below. Century Link charges will appear on your phone bill.

Century Link may charge $9.99 for ISP Transfer of service.

Stand-alone service available for “Silver” and “Platinum” speeds: Add $5.00 to above Century Link pricing.

Equipment Options

Router Provided By Description Purchase / Rental Shipping
Zoom X5 SWCP ** DSL modem plus 3 line filters.
4-port Ethernet switch. No Wireless.
$75.00 configured $10.00
(or pick up)
Zoom X6 SWCP ** DSL modem plus 3 line filters.
4-port Ethernet switch, 11b/11g Wireless.
$100.00 configured $10.00
(or pick up)
Actiontec M1000 Century Link DSL modem plus 3 line filters.
No Ethernet switch. No Wireless.
$59.99 -OR- $5/mo $9.99
2-Wire 2701 HG Century Link DSL router plus 3 line filters.
4-port Ethernet switch, 11b/11g Wireless.
$149.99 -OR- $8/mo $14.99
** SWCP-Supplied DSL Routers Include:

  • 1-year full replacement warranty. Click here for warranty details.
  • Free configuration of the router for your DSL connection.
  • No shipping charge if you pick the router up from our office in Albuquerque.

Check for Current Special Offers

Please fill out our Loop Qualification Page for information on what speeds you can receive. These connections do not include a static IP address, but one can be purchased if needed.


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